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A New Chapter for our Prairies Division


Similar to the re-alignment in Vancouver, Intercity Packers, Edmonton and Albion Fisheries, Calgary are pleased to announce the strategic alignment of their two companies, operating under the new name Albion Farms and Fisheries.

Effective October 31, 2016 the Calgary and Edmonton facilities will begin operating from one state-of-the-art facility in Edmonton. The combined operations will position Albion Farms and Fisheries as one of Western Canada’s largest fully integrated suppliers of meat and seafood.

Albion Farms and Fisheries will proudly continue to deliver to the marketplace a broad variety of centre-of-the-plate offerings and outstanding service that our clients have come to know and trust.

We remain committed to finding ways to increase the value we provide to our loyal, long term and new customers while operating as efficiently as possible. In the Edmonton and Calgary markets this includes improved ease of ordering, a wider breadth of products, and one-truck delivery of superior meat and seafood. We will maintain our delivery drivers and Customer Sales team in Calgary.

Albion Farms and Fisheries will continue to offer service, quality, and uninterrupted consistent supply and we are dedicated to meeting your centre-of-the-plate needs with a wide range of offerings and commitment to sustainability.

The company alignment truly encompasses the best of both worlds. We are committed to integrity, passion, quality, safety, sustainability, accountability and trust. We are dedicated to our customers and committed to our people.

Our goal is to make this period of transition as easy as possible for you. Please note that all contact information will remain the same for the time being, and you can continue to rely upon the same great team of people to deliver excellent service and solutions.

We look forward to working for you, and with you, as we build the Albion Farms and Fisheries Prairies team.

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