Charcuterie is a culinary specialty that originally referred to the creation of pork products such as salami, sausages, and prosciutto, and is true food artisanship, the art of turning preserved food into items of beauty and taste. The term encompasses ...
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The New Catch of the Day

There is an old expression that we are creatures of habit. We like things the way they are and we avoid change whenever possible because change challenges our comfort zone. In the world of food, especially seafood, change is good ...
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Genesis of the Ethical Meat Movement

What is the ethical meat movement? Until the 1920s, all agriculture was generally organic or considered ethically sustainable. Farmers used natural means to feed the soil, feed the animals and control pests. The modern organic movement began at the same time ...
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Albion Farms and Fisheries Alberta on Social Media

Extra! Extra! We are excited to announce that Albion Farms and Fisheries Alberta is now on Facebook and Twitter. Find us on Facebook at Albion-Farms-Fisheries-Alberta Find us on Twitter at Albion_FF_AB Please check us out today.  Tell your friends – ...
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Combinations and Pairings

The essence of foodpairing is the combining of different foods that share the same major flavour components. This approach helps with recipe design and provides new and sometimes unconventional food combinations based on their flavour. Food combining (also known as trophology) ...
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