CTS – Closer to the Source

What does ‘Closer to the Source’ mean? It means purchasing seafood directly from fishermen or through a processor who sources directly from fishermen with whom one is intimately acquainted to ensure absolute control of the quality of seafood. Created based ...
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Sea Pact

The environmental stewardship of the world’s oceans and safeguarding our waters to ensure the healthy availability of seafood for generations to come sounds like a lofty goal. A group of like-minded, progressive seafood distributors from Canada and the United States, ...
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A look at our Customer Support Team

Ming Jung and Rob Gambron are the Sales Team Leaders of the new Customer Support Team at Albion Farms and Fisheries. They and their team are up to their ‘proverbial eye balls’ with the recent amalgamation of Albion Fisheries and ...
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The History of Gordon Food Services and Connection to Intercity Packers and Albion Fisheries

One wonders whether 23-year-old Isaac Van Westenbrugge, a Dutch immigrant, dreamt about one billion dollars in sales after investing $300 he borrowed from his brother in 1897 to start his butter-and-egg horse and wagon delivery business in Grand Rapids, Michigan ...
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Food Safety Practices

Albion Farms and Fisheries is one of the most trusted names in seafood. We take protein product integrity and food safety standards very seriously. Albion Farms and Fisheries Intercity Packers and Albion Fisheries production facilities have several safety assurances in ...
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From Our Family to Your Table