Ling Cod Fillet


34 LingcodOphiodon elongates


  • Ling Cod is not really cod but a member of the Greenling family
  • Its white, moist, lean meat is considered excellent for fish and chips or as the centre of the plate
  • Skinless, boneless fillets are generally “v” cut to remove the pin bones
  • Some fillets may have a greenish tinge to the flesh, this is regarded as especially sweet meat, and cooks up white

Handling & Storage

  • Keep product well iced and store in cooler between 1º to 4º C, allow water to drain
  • Minimum shelf life is 3 days from delivery

Seasonal Availability

Available fresh April to December

Flavour/Texture Profile

  • Mild to moderate flavour
  • Medium texture

Cooking Tips

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