Rock Sole Fillets


Pleuronectes bilineatus


  • These fillets are skinless and boneless
  • Fillets range in size from approximately 4 to 7 ounces
  • Rock Sole is mild flavoured and delicately textured

Handling & Storage

  • Store on ice in cooler, between 1º to 4°C
  • Allow water to drain, avoid direct contact with water
  • Minimum shelf life is 3 days from delivery

Seasonal Availability

Weather creates shortages in January and February

Flavour/Texture Profile

  • Mild flavour
  • Delicate texture

Cooking Tips

  • Fillets are thin, therefore prone to overcooking
  • For best results use a moist heat cooking method such as sautéing, steaming or poaching
  • Slip a slice of potato under the thinnest part of the fillet to allow for more even cooking
  • Recipe: Sole-wrapped asparagus with tangerine beurre blanc

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