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The Albion Difference


Custom Cut and Portion Controlled Meat and Seafood

Albion Farms and Fisheries specialize in cutting and creating protein items for any detailed specification. Albion can dice, slice, chop, shred, press and grind any protein item with our current high-tech equipment.

Albion Farms and Fisheries has experienced cutters that are considered the best at their trade, and excel at creating portion-controlled products and many other great labour-saving items. Let Albion Farms and Fisheries do the cutting for you, with minimal lead-time!


Albion Farms and Fisheries also offer exclusive hand-made, labour-saving entrees, which are prepared with the utmost care under the strictest quality controls in our Federally Inspected and HACCP Certified facilities. To ensure that only the finest ingredients are used every preparation detail is closely scrutinized.


Albion Farms and Fisheries’ experienced meat cutters are the best in their trade. Some of the advantages of buying portion control steaks are:

  • No more unnecessary yield loss
  • No more irregular and odd shaped steaks and
  • No more injury liabilities

Plus, knowing your exact steak portion cost! We offer a variety of steaks from New York to T-Bone to Tenderloin.  Center cut, Baseball cut or West Coast cut. Bone In, Bone Out or Frenched – From Our Family to Your Table!


Albion Farms and Fisheries offer a variety of items from whole turkeys and chicken fryers to stir-fry sliced and diced products. In addition, Albion produces a selection of labour-saving items such as satays, skewers and kabobs. All prepared under strict HACCP guidelines for your convenience.


Custom-made burgers are an Albion Farms and Fisheries specialty. We’re proud of the large number of proprietary burgers made for some of our high-profile customers. Have an idea on a burger recipe to set you apart from your competition? Call Albion Farms and Fisheries!


Our numerous finished good packaging options, including roll stock, MAP, tray and vacuum packing, guarantees we have a solution for any of your value added needs. With our completely automated processing system, we ensure product is boned, cleaned and filleted for your convenience.

Value Added Processing

Albion Farms and Fisheries is a state-of-the-art, top-to-bottom temperature controlled GFSI certified facility equipped with the latest processing technologies. We have a completely automated fish processing system which includes heading/gutting – cleaning – filleting – pin boning – skinning – portioning, all which augment the Albion Farms and Fisheries traditional skilled hand knife cutting process. Numerous finished good packaging options, including roll stock, MAP, tray and vacuum packing guarantees the right solution for any of your value added needs. Our nimble processing department is adept at providing our customers with a multitude of product presentations that meet their exacting specifications.  From Business Class to retail ready cuts, Albion Farms and Fisheries can produce the portions to meet all customer needs and budgets.

Closer to the Source Seafood (CTS)

The Albion Farms and Fisheries “Closer to the Source” (CTS) operation creates a direct, fast pipeline between seafood harvesters and seafood customers. Established over five years ago, the CTS division has grown to become a direct source of product from British Columbia and Alaska. With one of the largest Troll and Long line fleets on the B.C. coast, Albion Farms and Fisheries has access to all five species of Wild Pacific Salmon, FAS Albacore Tuna, Hook and Line Rockfish and Ling cod. This access along with the Albion Farms and Fisheries line up of committed shellfish harvesters has allowed the CTS department to develop into a direct source of “good things from the sea” for an international consumer base located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

In addition to locally caught products, the Albion Farms and Fisheries experienced team has developed a strategic network of global sourcing agents focused on providing original seafood products from all over the world that meet customers’ needs.

Cold Storage System

Albion Farms and Fisheries have on-site cold storage that allows for the storing of over 3,000,000 lbs. of a wide variety of frozen products close at hand for easy distribution to our customers. The system is regularly maintained by an Albion Farms and Fisheries full time, on site refrigeration technician and is maintained at – 27 °C which well exceeds the requirements of the CFIA. The blast freezer provides the ability to quick freeze products thus preserving the quality integrity of products that require freezing.

Western Canada Distribution

Albion Farms and Fisheries maintain a fleet of over 35 trucks to provide fresh/frozen deliveries to all customers. Specialized vehicles are designed specific to customer requirements ranging from curb side delivery to loading dock level formats. The Albion Farms and Fisheries Fleet include 1 ton refrigerated general panel vans (for congested urban areas) to 5 ton refrigerated units of varying box capacities (for dock style and highway delivery runs). Out of province deliveries occur through dedicated refrigerated trucking partners insuring product integrity is maintained.

All of the Albion Farms and Fisheries locations perform regular temperature holding and cleanliness inspections on the fleet. Albion drivers are an important part of exceptional customer service – from special delivery requirements to tips on handling; the drivers are partners in Albion Farms and Fisheries customers’ success.

From Our Family to Your Table