Meet the Better Burger

What does it take to make the perfect burger? Is it the sauce? The type of bun you use? Toasted or not? What about the ingredients? Fresh, organic, local? Some people like peanut butter on their burgers. Some like a ...
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The Breakthrough of Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon

Located on Northern Vancouver Island, one kilometre from the Pacific Ocean, is the 'Namgis First Nation's Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon farm. In the language of the 'Namgis people, “kutala” means salmon, while “terra” means land. Therefore Kuterra means “salmon ...
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Albion Farms & Fisheries expands meat and seafood distribution to Vancouver Island

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 24, 2017 | Richmond, BC – Albion Farms & Fisheries announced today that effective October 28, 2017 the company begins the distribution of meat and seafood to Vancouver Island customers via their Richmond, BC location. Danny ...
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Sea Pact Announces 2017 Request for Grant Proposals

HALIFAX, CANADA, August 15, 2017 – Sea Pact, an innovative alliance of seafood industry leaders, today announces the opening of their sixth Request for Grant Proposals. Sea Pact is a group of leading North American seafood companies dedicated to driving ...
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Albion Farms & Fisheries Pioneers State-of-the-Art Track and Trace System for Wild-Caught Salmon

“Welcome to our restaurant. Tonight, we are serving salmon caught by the “Laurel Ann” off the pristine Westcoast of Haida Gwaii” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 8, 2017 | Vancouver, BC – Imagine a salmon fleet in the offshore waters of ...
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