Our Bayside® and Calypso® branded seafood products have been carefully chosen to provide seafood selections that offer you consistent high quality, great value and importantly, outstanding food safety. Moreover, Bayside® and Calypso® are natural and chemical free to ensure that what is being served or sold is wholesome and healthy. In addition, our team also works with restaurateurs and retailers to create exclusive, custom branded products to help create a value added advantage in their seafood lines.

Handcrafted Custom Meats: We focus our attention on quality control. This ensures that uniform sizing, grade range, cut specification, and minimum aging standards are met constantly.

Certified Angus Beef: Certified Angus Beef is the only Angus Beef Program approved and monitored by the American Angus Association. Less than 8% of all beef in North America and only one-in-five Angus style cattle can achieve the Certified Angus Beef Brand.

Rossdown Farms Poultry: Located in British Columbia’s fertile Fraser Valley, Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods is a family-run business that balances traditional values with progressive practices. Rossdown farms produce eggs, hatch chicks, and feed and grow the poultry in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Sakura Pork: Albion Farms & Fisheries is the exclusive distributor of the Sakura Pork premium brand of pork. A rigorous inspection process ensures that only those pork cuts that meet Sakura’s exacting criteria for colour, size, marbling, conformation and cut specification are selected for distribution.

White Stripe: ‘Second Cross’ Australian Lamb is naturally raised without antibiotics or added hormones, for a fresh and healthy taste, naturally marbled on clean pastures for a fantastic flavour and bred from the highest quality bloodlines. The result is consistent high quality taste.

Beretta Farms: 100% Canadian Angus Alberta Beef. No added hormones, steroids or nontherapeutic antibiotics are added to their food. Cattle are vegetable fed without the use of animal by-products. Sustainable from conception to consumption and much more flavorful than ‘factory-farmed’ meat

By controlling what goes in to our brands, you are ensured that you are serving or selling wholesome and healthy meat and seafood. You can depend on Albion.

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