Located on Northern Vancouver Island, one kilometre from the Pacific Ocean, is the ‘Namgis First Nation’s Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon farm. In the language of the ‘Namgis people, “kutala” means salmon, while “terra” means land. Therefore Kuterra means “salmon from the land”.

Albion Farms & Fisheries is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Kuterra Atlantic Salmon. Brock Farrall, Director of Purchasing at Albion Farms & Fisheries says, “The number one reason we distribute the Kuterra brand is because it is great tasting salmon.” According to Garry Ullstrom, CEO at Kuterra, “Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon is inherently a premium mild-tasting, firm flesh and low-fat composition salmon.”

Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon is high in good oils, which gives it an extra rich flavour with health benefits of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, vitamin D, B-vitamins, antioxidants and protein. It is easy to cook and use in recipes. It mixes well with a lot of other flavours due to its healthy fat composition and mild taste. Kuterra Salmon is raised with no antibiotics because it is land raised, unlike ocean farm raised Atlantic salmon that requires therapeutic treatments to manage concerns arising from the different farming method. Additionally, Kuterra Salmon has no problems with sea lice, diseases, low oxygen levels caused by fluctuating water temperatures, storm escapes, or natural predators.

The Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon farming method and its distinctive rearing practices ensures the highest and healthiest quality of fish with the lowest environmental impact. The system’s discharges are captured, cleaned and filtered. The solids are composted and used to make environmentally sound fertilizers. The water is the cleanest, safest possible water for growing salmon. Most is reused, and a small amount is released into gravel beds on the site. There are no negative environmental impacts.

Mr. Ullstrom notes that “over the years the ‘Namgis First Nation had concerns about Atlantic Salmon ocean-farm rearing practices.” They determined that there was a better way to grow Atlantic Salmon that was environmentally sound and sustainable while protecting wild salmon. The ‘Namgis chose to start the Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon farm to show that Land Raised™ salmon is the future of sustainable salmon farming. He added that, “a two and one-half year analysis led by the Pacific Salmon Foundation, which is an independent charitable organization that protects wild Pacific Salmon, to assess the environmental impact of raising Atlantic salmon on land reported that there is no negative environmental impact caused by the Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic salmon farming method.”

Albion’s Mr. Farrall emphasized that, “We are very pleased with our business relationship with Kuterra. Kuterra is a brand name that stands for seafood sustainability with a great tasting profile. Everything one looks for in a quality brand name product.”

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