Just like a pint of your favourite craft beer, this new burger offers a unique and refined flavour that can only be described as pure deliciousness. We’ve taken some cues from specialty breweries and applied them to our new Craft Beef Burger, making it a perfect pairing for lunch or dinner – but it’s also just as delicious all by itself!

Craft breweries spend a lot of time perfecting their beer, focusing on its quality and taste. Craft beers are usually made with only a few key ingredients, giving each one a distinct, full flavour that’s never watered down. Our new Craft Beef Burger follows these same principles and passion for superior quality and taste. Made with only boneless beef and a blend of simple spices, our Craft Beef Burger does not include any binder! This burger is the perfect choice for those savvy consumers who are looking for something that’s additive-free but aren’t looking to sacrifice flavour.

We also form each and every one of our Craft Beef Burgers to look as if they were made in your very own kitchen. Unlike conventional meat processors, our new Burger Former machine uses gentle, low pressure. This method doesn’t damage the meat fibres so every patty is juicy and tender. And just like many craft breweries, we only produce these burgers in small batches to ensure the highest quality for our clients and their consumers.

Our Craft Beef Burger tastes better, looks better, and is made with quality ingredients — just like craft beer itself. And it pairs well with a variety of craft beers depending on how you serve it! Are you featuring a spicy jalapeño burger on the menu? Pair it with a hoppy IPA or refreshing Pilsner to beat the heat. Or top the new Craft Beef Burger with an assortment of melted cheeses and pair it with a tall Belgian-style golden ale or American wheat beer to cut the richness. If you’re looking to serve a more traditional burger with traditional toppings (like lettuce and tomato), any type of clean lager or blonde ale is a perfect choice to complement those crisp and clean flavours. Lastly, a porter or stout beer goes well with any type of burger that is topped with smoky, savoury meats like bacon. A good burger starts with a good patty and this Craft Beef Burger ticks all of the boxes your consumers are craving.

Our new Craft Beef Burgers are a deliciously refreshing take on the usual restaurant patty! They are sure to become a fast favourite in any dining establishment and will have your customers savouring every bite! Order a case today or contact us for more information.

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