Salmon season is just beginning here on the West Coast and we’re excited to offer the freshest catches in the market. Salmon is one of the most ubiquitous fish you’ll see on a menu these days, but do you ever wonder where it comes from or how it’s caught?

The highly anticipated season for the five best types of salmon begins each year in May. The first salmon to start snagging lines is the Sockeye. It has the reddest meat out of all the species, making it a beautiful cut for Instagram-worthy food pics. We are proud to be able to sell Wild Sockeye to our wide array of customers from May to September so be sure to reach out to your AFF Account Manager soon to arrange an order.

The Spring Salmon (also known as Chinook or King) yield the highest fat content of wild Salmon making it the most buttery piece of fish in the world. Its full flavour melts in your mouth, but won’t overwhelm the rest of the plate. Spring Salmon also comes in a delicate and rare white flesh colour. The White Spring Salmon is a real treat and has the highest Omega 3 content of all wild Salmon. But you’ll want to order Spring Salmon when it’s in season, – between June and August. We also get occasional openings throughout the year when it’s on offer, so when you see them, scoop them up!

As the summer days heat up and July comes knocking, we’ll be preparing our Chum and Coho Salmon filets and portions to ship out. These ocean-caught fish have more flavour and fat content than river-run fish, making them a delicious option until next season begins the following spring. A great way to serve Coho or Chum is on the barbecue, like our Grilled Coho Salmon Bundles with Saffron, Tomatoes, and Olives.

Of course, we can’t forgot about Pink Salmon!  It may be the smallest of all Pacific salmon, but it’s the mightiest! During the spawning season, the male pink salmon has the distinction of growing a large hump making it a very distinctive fish when fresh caught. Our filets are tender and you’ll find pale pink flesh that flakes nicely and contains slightly less oil than other salmon. It’s available between July and August.

The days are getting longer, patio season is beginning, and appetites are getting lighter. No one wants to eat when it’s too hot. With Salmon there’s always an option for even the hottest days because it’s light and refreshing. Grilled, roasted, or even served raw, it’s a versatile fish that packs hearty Omega 3s and a great taste.

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