The residents of B.C. care about their health and the quality of the things they are putting in their bodies. They care about the effect the companies they buy from have on the environment. They are already looking for locally sourced products. As consumers continue to value transparency and local food products more and more, 1846 fills a gap in the market for a local brand of beef that has never left the province and is raised without antibiotics or added hormones.

You may not know, but ranchers have been part of the landscape of B.C.’s Interior for over 170 years. The start of the cattle industry in Western Canada became marked when the Hudson’s Bay Company moved cattle from Fort Vancouver to Fort Kamloops around 1846.  To commemorate that date in history and the longstanding tradition of B.C.’s cattle ranches KML Meat Processors name their premium beef brand 1846.

1846 stands for everything those first ranchers believed in: exceptional Angus cattle, raised without antibiotics or added hormones, grazing on lush pasturelands in the pristine mountains and valleys across the Interior, then grain finished providing the outstanding taste of British Columbia.

Our ranching families have a long history in B.C. and care passionately about their animals and the environment. They take pride in their responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the land while practicing the highest standards in animal care. In keeping with our belief that local is always better, cattle are humanely processed at the KML Meat Processing plant — the only federally inspected beef processing plant in the province.

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