Berezan Shrimp Offered By Albion Farms and Fisheries®

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As a major supporter and pioneer of sustainable seafood, it was an easy decision for us at Albion Farms and Fisheries® to start selling the unique and innovative product offered by The Berezan Shrimp Company. Passionate about protecting our earth’s natural ecosystems, their company has built the most technologically advanced land-based farm for seafood production and supply in the world, one that doesn’t impact our oceans (or our environment) at any stage of production.

The Berezan Shrimp Co. is a Canadian owned and operated family business. They are located in Langley, B.C., which is 25 kilometers inland from the Pacific Ocean. Designed to produce 100 metric tonnes of shrimp each year, their closed-containment farm is 100% sustainable and is a prototype for the future. Their shrimp are certified for raw consumption, and are available fresh year-round, mere hours after harvest. They control all the growing conditions the shrimp love, producing amazingly sweet and tender shrimp. We like to call it the “Shrimp Spa”!

Other noteworthy product specifications include: SeaChoice “Green”, Ocean Wise, pesticide-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, PCB-free, micro-plastics-free, and chemical-free!

The species of shrimp they raise at Berezan Shrimp Co. is called Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp or Litopenaeus vannamei. Also known as white shrimp, the species is native to the Southwest Pacific Ocean with habitat ranging from Central America to South America. Threatened by over-fishing, Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp are the number one species of farmed shrimp globally. The baby shrimp that the Berezan Shimp Co. use come from a government certified biosecure hatchery.

Berezan’s land-based farm has no impact on local ocean or waterways. Each one of their dynamic team of biologists and farmers share the same passion of helping create a quality seafood protein source for generations to come. Their passionate, dynamic team is comprised of aquaculture professionals with world-class experience in marine biology, agriculture, aquaculture enterprise and supply chain logistics.

The Berezan Shrimp Co. facility was designed in adherence to the UN- FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization) Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The Global Food Safety Initiative is an industry-driven global collaboration to advance food safety and traceability ( They have also aligned with Mississippi State University (designated UN-FAO land-based aquaculture center) to monitor their animal health and water qualities. They have also partnered with the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems for collaboration and advancement of their farming systems.

In the near future the Berezan Shrimp Co. looks to have multiple farms in the Upper Fraser Valley to supply larger domestic and export supply channels. We are so excited and proud that the new eco-friendly footprint of shrimp production is taking root right here in B.C.

Sea Pact Announces 2018 Request for Letters of Interest for Project Funding

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Sea Pact Announces 2018 Request for Letters of Interest for Project Funding

HALIFAX, CANADA, July 26, 2018 – Sea Pact, an innovative alliance of seafood industry leaders, today announces the opening of their seventh annual project funding cycle with a new process commencing with an initial Request for Letters of Interest (LOIs).

Sea Pact is a group of leading North American seafood companies dedicated to driving stewardship and continuous improvement of social, economic, and environmental responsibility throughout the global seafood supply chain. Sea Pact members are driving impactful industry change through the formation of a successful model of pre-competitive collaboration, utilizing their collective strength and robust industry expertise. Working together, they are advancing the goal of sustainable and responsible fishery and aquaculture practices and providing the building blocks for a long term and productive seafood industry via financial support and partner contributions to projects that improve fishing and farming systems globally. Sea Pact added two new members- North Atlantic, Inc. and Euclid Fish Company in 2018 and now is comprised of ten leading seafood companies across North America, with added breadth and depth to support more collaborative initiatives. Sea Pact and its individual members continue to be recognized in SeaWeb’s annual Seafood Champion Awards as leading global sustainable seafood movement change-makers. “I can assuredly speak for everyone that’s engaged in Sea Pact that it’s a great privilege to be associated with this group of like-minded industry leaders which continues to build value by utilizing our resources and supply chain expertise, working together to jointly support projects and partnerships that are making a difference,” said Rob Johnson, Managing Director of Sea Pact.

Sea Pact is launching a revised Project Selection Process this year, commencing with an initial Request for Letters of Interest (LOI’s), to be followed by invitations to submit full project proposals. This will support an improved process with greater efficiencies leading to more targeted and relevant project outcomes. Sea Pact continues to aim to select projects in line with their mission and framed by twelve broad project categories outlined on the Projects page of the Sea Pact website. Additionally, Sea Pact priority focus areas for preferential consideration for project funding this year are in the areas of:

  • Social Responsibility
  • Aquaculture
  • Fisheries Management
  • Traceability
  • Special species of interest: Squid
  • Special regional area of interest: Great Lakes freshwater fisheries

To apply for project funding, Program Information and Letter of Interest Guidelines can be found on the Sea Pact website here:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding funding grants can be found here:

Initial 1-2 page Letters of Interest are due by August 20, 2018. Selected organizations will be requested to submit a full project proposal by mid-September. Sea Pact aims to announce grant recipients in late 2018.

“We are excited once again to put a call out for innovative and impactful project proposals,” said Hamish Walker, Chief Operating Officer for Seattle Fish Company, and Chair of the Sea Pact Advisory Committee. “We are looking forward to a more targeted and efficient granting process with the initial receipt and review of Letters of Interest and the further submission of important and relevant full proposals. We continue our interest to have an ongoing relationship with our grantees to see how our grants are making a difference, and a strong alignment to our charter and assessment criteria will be essential for success.”

“To date, Sea Pact has funded 21 grants to 16 projects in 11 countries, with over $400,000 USD in direct support and over $1 million USD of additional funds generated across these projects,” states Rob Johnson. “Through our renewed Sea Pact project funding process, we are proactively working together to support pragmatic solutions-focused projects that will increase the supply of sustainable seafood and improve the health of ocean and freshwater ecosystems that we all rely upon.”

About Sea Pact:
Sea Pact is a partnership of ten like-minded, leading seafood companies across North America: Albion Farms & Fisheries in Vancouver, Fortune Fish & Gourmet in Chicago, Ipswich Shellfish Group in Boston, Santa Monica Seafood in Los Angeles, Seacore Seafood in Toronto, Seattle Fish Co. in Denver, J.J. McDonnell in Baltimore, Stavis Seafoods in Boston, North Atlantic Inc. in Portland, Maine and Euclid Fish Company in Cleveland. These companies are united for a sustainable future and are using their collective strength to lead by example and drive improvement of environmental, economic, and social responsibility throughout the global seafood supply chain. Sea Pact receives sustainability council from non-profit organizations Ocean Outcomes, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, and FishWise, and is a project under New Venture Fund’s 501(c)3 non-profit status. To learn more about Sea Pact visit their website at and follow on twitter, facebook and linkedin.

Rob Johnson, Managing Director, Sea Pact
tel. 902-222-4933

Guy Dean Wins Seafood Champion Award for Leadership

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Seafood Summit celebration honors four winners and 17 finalists for advancing seafood sustainability

BARCELONA, June 19, 2018 – Albion Farms and Fisheries announced today that Guy Dean, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, has been honored by SeaWeb as a 2018 Seafood Champion in the Leadership category. This award category recognizes individuals or organizations that display leadership by organizing and convening seafood stakeholders to improve the sustainability of seafood and ocean health.

Guy’s award was announced on June 19 in front of a global audience of seafood sustainability professionals at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Barcelona, Spain. The ceremony also honored three other winners and 17 finalists.

“Albion Farms and Fisheries is very proud of what Guy stands for as our Chief Sustainability Officer. His work in this area is so important to the future of the seafood industry. The industry needs more people like Guy that have a passion for our industry and for the Oceans that provide for us.”Says Danny Ransom, General Manager at Albion Farms and Fisheries.

The award recognized Guy’s nearly 30 years in the seafood industry in roles ranging from farmer, harvester, and fisher to processor and distributor. Passionate about promoting the long-term viability of the seafood industry, Guy represents the seafood industry on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Multi-stakeholder Committee and co-founded Sea Pact, a group seafood companies committed to improving the social, economic, and environmental performance of the global seafood supply chain.

“Guy not only understands what needs to happen, he is able to get his company to back his ideas, and that is truly inspiring,” said Awards Judge Richard Boot, President of FishChoice. “Guy has gone over and above his job to be a champion and leader in sustainable seafood. He is a driving force behind issues such as plastics and transparency, and is a thought leader in the space.”

Three other Seafood Champions were honored, including:

Patima Tungpuchayakul, founder of the Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation, chosen as the winner of the Seafood Champion Award for Advocacy for her work to improve the lives of migrant workers;

Open Blue received the Seafood Champion Award for Vision for its decade-long effort to revolutionize the mariculture industry by moving it into the open ocean, far away from sensitive near shore ecosystems; and

Pelagic Data Systems, winners in the Innovation category, for creation of a groundbreaking solar powered vessel tracking system that is suitable for boats of all sizes.

For more information on the awards, go to

Media Contact: To speak with an Albion spokesperson, please contact

Sea Pact Celebrates World Oceans Day with Three New Aquaculture Projects

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HALIFAX, CANADA, June 8, 2018 – Sea Pact, an innovative association of ten leading North American seafood companies (including Albion Farms & Fisheries) working together to drive industry sustainability progress, today announces funding support to three projects advancing aquaculture sustainability globally.

Aquaculture now accounts for over 50% of seafood consumed globally, and advances in the management and governance of how aquaculture operates and continues to grow are paramount to ocean health. Sea Pact members are strong proponents of responsible aquaculture to provide sustainable food and jobs, and also restore marine ecosystems. We support the mission of achieving ocean sustainability through improved global farmed seafood production.

The recipients of the Sea Pact funding grants are:
The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) project to assess and improve black tiger shrimp fisheries in Vietnam and Indonesia that supply the wild caught broodstock to produce seeds for culture. Currently these fisheries are considered “Overfished” by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), but there is very little actual sustainability assessment information available or direct efforts to help them improve. This project seeks to utilize the ASIC fishery improvement protocol to assess and improve the sustainability of black tiger shrimp fisheries and help shrimp aquaculture producers ensure their industry is more sustainable. Its uniqueness is that its aim is to improve both a fishery and also an aquaculture industry as well.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s (SFP) project is focused on creating a tool that will enable seafood production industries to improve regional water quality management and protection of the water resource that is essential to all aquaculture production. They will do this by adapting a tool developed for salmon net pen industry planning to the context of pond-based shrimp aquaculture in Asia. The test of a simple, cost effective approach to assessing water quality of shared water bodies for shrimp farming will be piloted in Thailand, with the aim of developing a model that could be applied more broadly. Renewed Sea Pact funding is continuing to support the British Columbia Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences (BC CAHS) innovative and successful research project that is seeking to radically improve sea lice mitigation within the net-pen farmed salmon industry. They are lab and field testing the use of native perch as cleaner fish as a non-chemical, low-stress, biological method for sustainably managing sea lice on farmed Atlantic salmon. The development of this effective tool aims to reduce the use of chemical treatments and to significantly reduce the environmental impact on the marine environment. “We congratulate the selected organizations and look forward to game-changing results from these projects which all have a strong relevance for creating positive change for our industry and for the sustainability of the oceans”, says Hamish Walker, chief operating officer of Seattle Fish Co., and chair of the Sea Pact Advisory Council.

Rob Johnson, managing director of Sea Pact, states that “we are happy to announce these grants on World Oceans Day this year” and commented to “watch for more funding announcements on fisheries projects to be forthcoming soon, as well as the opening of the seventh round of request for project funding grant proposals later this summer”.

About Sea Pact:
Sea Pact consists of ten like-minded, leading seafood distributors across North America: Albion Farms & Fisheries in Vancouver, Fortune Fish & Gourmet in Chicago, Ipswich Shellfish Group in Boston, Santa Monica Seafood in Los Angeles, Seacore Seafood in Toronto, Seattle Fish Co. in Denver, J.J. McDonnell in Baltimore, Stavis Seafood in Boston, North Atlantic Inc. from Portland, Maine and Euclid Fish Company from Cleveland. These companies are united for a sustainable future and are using their collective strength to lead by example and drive improvement of environmental, economic, and social responsibility throughout the global seafood supply chain. Sea Pact receives sustainability council from non-profit organizations Ocean Outcomes, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, and FishWise, and is a project under New Venture Fund’s 501(c)3 non-profit status. To learn more about Sea Pact visit their website at and follow on twitter and facebook.

A Beginner’s Guide to Wild Caught Salmon

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Salmon season is just beginning here on the West Coast and we’re excited to offer the freshest catches in the market. Salmon is one of the most ubiquitous fish you’ll see on a menu these days, but do you ever wonder where it comes from or how it’s caught?

The highly anticipated season for the five best types of salmon begins each year in May. The first salmon to start snagging lines is the Sockeye. It has the reddest meat out of all the species, making it a beautiful cut for Instagram-worthy food pics. We are proud to be able to sell Wild Sockeye to our wide array of customers from May to September so be sure to reach out to your AFF Account Manager soon to arrange an order.

The Spring Salmon (also known as Chinook or King) yield the highest fat content of wild Salmon making it the most buttery piece of fish in the world. Its full flavour melts in your mouth, but won’t overwhelm the rest of the plate. Spring Salmon also comes in a delicate and rare white flesh colour. The White Spring Salmon is a real treat and has the highest Omega 3 content of all wild Salmon. But you’ll want to order Spring Salmon when it’s in season, – between June and August. We also get occasional openings throughout the year when it’s on offer, so when you see them, scoop them up!

As the summer days heat up and July comes knocking, we’ll be preparing our Chum and Coho Salmon filets and portions to ship out. These ocean-caught fish have more flavour and fat content than river-run fish, making them a delicious option until next season begins the following spring. A great way to serve Coho or Chum is on the barbecue, like our Grilled Coho Salmon Bundles with Saffron, Tomatoes, and Olives.

Of course, we can’t forgot about Pink Salmon!  It may be the smallest of all Pacific salmon, but it’s the mightiest! During the spawning season, the male pink salmon has the distinction of growing a large hump making it a very distinctive fish when fresh caught. Our filets are tender and you’ll find pale pink flesh that flakes nicely and contains slightly less oil than other salmon. It’s available between July and August.

The days are getting longer, patio season is beginning, and appetites are getting lighter. No one wants to eat when it’s too hot. With Salmon there’s always an option for even the hottest days because it’s light and refreshing. Grilled, roasted, or even served raw, it’s a versatile fish that packs hearty Omega 3s and a great taste.

Introducing the new Craft Beef Burger!

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Just like a pint of your favourite craft beer, this new burger offers a unique and refined flavour that can only be described as pure deliciousness. We’ve taken some cues from specialty breweries and applied them to our new Craft Beef Burger, making it a perfect pairing for lunch or dinner – but it’s also just as delicious all by itself!

Craft breweries spend a lot of time perfecting their beer, focusing on its quality and taste. Craft beers are usually made with only a few key ingredients, giving each one a distinct, full flavour that’s never watered down. Our new Craft Beef Burger follows these same principles and passion for superior quality and taste. Made with only boneless beef and a blend of simple spices, our Craft Beef Burger does not include any binder! This burger is the perfect choice for those savvy consumers who are looking for something that’s additive-free but aren’t looking to sacrifice flavour.

We also form each and every one of our Craft Beef Burgers to look as if they were made in your very own kitchen. Unlike conventional meat processors, our new Burger Former machine uses gentle, low pressure. This method doesn’t damage the meat fibres so every patty is juicy and tender. And just like many craft breweries, we only produce these burgers in small batches to ensure the highest quality for our clients and their consumers.

Our Craft Beef Burger tastes better, looks better, and is made with quality ingredients — just like craft beer itself. And it pairs well with a variety of craft beers depending on how you serve it! Are you featuring a spicy jalapeño burger on the menu? Pair it with a hoppy IPA or refreshing Pilsner to beat the heat. Or top the new Craft Beef Burger with an assortment of melted cheeses and pair it with a tall Belgian-style golden ale or American wheat beer to cut the richness. If you’re looking to serve a more traditional burger with traditional toppings (like lettuce and tomato), any type of clean lager or blonde ale is a perfect choice to complement those crisp and clean flavours. Lastly, a porter or stout beer goes well with any type of burger that is topped with smoky, savoury meats like bacon. A good burger starts with a good patty and this Craft Beef Burger ticks all of the boxes your consumers are craving.

Our new Craft Beef Burgers are a deliciously refreshing take on the usual restaurant patty! They are sure to become a fast favourite in any dining establishment and will have your customers savouring every bite! Order a case today or contact us for more information.

Certified Angus Beef is the Prime Choice for Albion Farms & Fisheries

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Beef lovers aren’t just your regular meat eaters. They take their cuisine to another level. AFF is happy to provide our clients with a full range of sub-primals and portion cut steaks from Certified Angus Beef ® that are guaranteed to make your guests rave about their dinner.

You’ve probably heard the term Angus beef before. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a buzz word. But not all Angus beef is the same. “Angus” is a breed of cattle, known for its dark black hair, and not an indication of beef quality. Certified Angus Beef ® ranchers have worked for decades to ensure that their cattle are raised and reared to the ten exacting standards of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand for its trademark flavour and texture. Marbling and maturity, consistent sizing, quality appearance and tenderness are what set Certified Angus Beef ® apart. It’s on an entirely different level from what the other guys serve.

If you are looking for a cost-effective beef option, look no further than our portion control steaks. When comparing cost per pound, these uniform cut steaks will benefit your bottom line. Not only that, but choosing portioned steaks reduce skilled labour required for cutting, trimming and boning, you won’t pay for unused by-products and you reduce spoilage by ordering just the amount you need.

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand has been around for 40 years, begun by a group of “bosses in boots” – the very men and women in the heartland who wanted to create the best tasting beef in the market. We’ve been fans of theirs for a very long time and have been fortunate to be one of the only two food service distributors licensed to represent Certified Angus Beef ® brand in Western Canada for over 20 years. Beef of uncompromising quality is important for a solid menu and we want to make sure that our clients receive the best cuts possible.

White Stripe Lamb is Above the Rest

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Although lamb may conjure up images of family dinners served when the ground is beginning to thaw, and the blooms are beginning to unfurl, it’s really a versatile kind of meat that can be served at any point. That’s why Albion Farms & Fisheries ensures that we supply our chefs with the world’s best table lamb all year round – White Stripe Premium Australian Lamb.

Lamb is a great alternative to beef or other red meat, especially when you consider how many cuts of meat you can serve from it. Juicy tenderloin, striploin, rib chops, slow-cooked shoulders, barbeque cutlets, Frenched rack of lamb, shanks, and legs are just a few of the cuts available. And they’re well-suited for all types of dishes – curries, flame-grilled, stews, and roasts. Served family-style or plated, White Stripe Lamb is a delicious cut of meat. It’s low in cholesterol and high in monounsaturated fats.

White Stripe Lamb is created specifically to produce large eye muscles, tenderness, and marbling, but always a mild flavour, because we know a lot of diners don’t know what they’re missing when they skip the lamb. It isn’t until they try a bite of White Stripe Lamb, artfully converted into a juicy, tender morsel, that they exclaim, “That’s lamb? It’s so good!”

It’s always the flavour that stops a diner.

White Stripe uses a unique Second Cross program to develop high quality lambs ideal for consumption. By cross-breeding the Merino Ewe with Border Leicester Rams and then breeding the first cross Ewe with European Poll Dorset or Suffolk Rams, White Stripe has created a lamb with a tender and mild flavour, large eye muscles, natural marbling, and consistent eating qualities. White Stripe Lamb is also generally a larger size than many other lamb breeds. While a typical New Zealand lamb may end up around 16 kilos, a White Stripe lamb will weigh generally in the 24-kilo range.

The lambs are 100% fed on all-natural grass pastures, such as clover, rye grass, and lucerne. The farmers rotate the feeding to ensure the animal gets to the right weight in the right time, and to ensure a high-protein intake. This also helps create the right marbling that gives White Stripe Lamb its distinct mild flavour, and succulence.

White Stripe Lamb goes through a 35-40 day aging process. It arrives directly to our facilities every two weeks ready to be distributed to chefs’ kitchens throughout western Canada.

It’s the kind of lamb you can use for delicious and unique appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, such as grilled lamb Sonoma skewers with blackberry sauce, or hearty pasta dishes like lamb ragù, or roasted rack of lamb for dinner entrees that make guests rave. It’s a gourmet meat that can be presented in so many ways.

We’ve built a great relationship with White Stripe for over 15 years. They’ve shared their knowledge of superior quality meat with us and we love passing it along to our chefs because we know it sets their dishes apart from the competition. If you haven’t ordered lamb from us before, consider it a fantastic opportunity to introduce your diners to a versatile and delicious cut of meat.

Meet the Better Burger

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What does it take to make the perfect burger? Is it the sauce? The type of bun you use? Toasted or not? What about the ingredients? Fresh, organic, local? Some people like peanut butter on their burgers. Some like a big fat onion ring. Some just like it plain with a little bit of ketchup.

But all would agree that a great burger always starts with the meat.

The hamburger is one of your staple menu items. It’s the feel-good choice and it’s so versatile. Your guests arrive, sit down, order drinks, and open the menu. There they find not just one burger, but a plethora of gourmet choices your kitchen or your executive chef has created from just a simple base: a good, well-rounded, tender meat patty that’s seared to perfection.

You could create those patties in the kitchen, but that would take time away from building, tweaking, and monitoring the whole menu and making sure your guests are happy.

Don’t worry – we got you.

Albion Farms & Fisheries has just introduced a new machine to our family – the Burger Former – a high-speed production meat former that is designed to make the perfect hamburger patty. It offers endless possibilities with precision in mind – perfectly formed, exactly weighted and the right temperature, so that each burger patty is ensured even cooking and only the finest ingredients are included. We can make it pure beef, chicken, turkey or any other protein.

The difference is in the texture and the look – most conventional meat processors use a high-pressure form to create their patties. That damages tender meat fibers and creates a uniform look that looks, well, manufactured. But the Burger Former uses a gentle, low-pressure to form the burgers, creating a patty that looks and tastes like it was made right in your kitchen. Meat fibres aren’t crushed and destroyed. They are tender, juicy, and light. Because you can’t have a good burger without an excellent patty.

The Breakthrough of Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon

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Located on Northern Vancouver Island, one kilometre from the Pacific Ocean, is the ‘Namgis First Nation’s Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon farm. In the language of the ‘Namgis people, “kutala” means salmon, while “terra” means land. Therefore Kuterra means “salmon from the land”.

Albion Farms & Fisheries is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Kuterra Atlantic Salmon. Brock Farrall, Director of Purchasing at Albion Farms & Fisheries says, “The number one reason we distribute the Kuterra brand is because it is great tasting salmon.” According to Garry Ullstrom, CEO at Kuterra, “Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon is inherently a premium mild-tasting, firm flesh and low-fat composition salmon.”

Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon is high in good oils, which gives it an extra rich flavour with health benefits of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, vitamin D, B-vitamins, antioxidants and protein. It is easy to cook and use in recipes. It mixes well with a lot of other flavours due to its healthy fat composition and mild taste. Kuterra Salmon is raised with no antibiotics because it is land raised, unlike ocean farm raised Atlantic salmon that requires therapeutic treatments to manage concerns arising from the different farming method. Additionally, Kuterra Salmon has no problems with sea lice, diseases, low oxygen levels caused by fluctuating water temperatures, storm escapes, or natural predators.

The Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon farming method and its distinctive rearing practices ensures the highest and healthiest quality of fish with the lowest environmental impact. The system’s discharges are captured, cleaned and filtered. The solids are composted and used to make environmentally sound fertilizers. The water is the cleanest, safest possible water for growing salmon. Most is reused, and a small amount is released into gravel beds on the site. There are no negative environmental impacts.

Mr. Ullstrom notes that “over the years the ‘Namgis First Nation had concerns about Atlantic Salmon ocean-farm rearing practices.” They determined that there was a better way to grow Atlantic Salmon that was environmentally sound and sustainable while protecting wild salmon. The ‘Namgis chose to start the Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic Salmon farm to show that Land Raised™ salmon is the future of sustainable salmon farming. He added that, “a two and one-half year analysis led by the Pacific Salmon Foundation, which is an independent charitable organization that protects wild Pacific Salmon, to assess the environmental impact of raising Atlantic salmon on land reported that there is no negative environmental impact caused by the Kuterra Land Raised™ Atlantic salmon farming method.”

Albion’s Mr. Farrall emphasized that, “We are very pleased with our business relationship with Kuterra. Kuterra is a brand name that stands for seafood sustainability with a great tasting profile. Everything one looks for in a quality brand name product.”