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Portion Steaks


portion-steaks-mainSome may perceive Portion Control steaks to be more expensive than subprimals; the reality is Portion Control steaks are cost effective. Cutting steaks in your restaurant requires time, space and labour, which are costly resources that have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Albion Farms and Fisheries takes pride in cutting steaks to any specification and standard. Expert meat cutters with experience ranging from 20 – 30 years can show all the advantages of purchasing portion control steaks. Unnecessary yield loss, irregular and odd shaped steaks and injury liabilities disappear. Your exact steak portion cost becomes much more clear.

We offer a variety of steaks from New York to T-Bone to Tenderloin, Center cut, Baseball cut or West Coast cut. Bone In, Bone Out or Frenched. Contact your Sales Representative and let Albion Farms and Fisheries do the cutting for you.


  • PORTION COST CONTROL Easy and simple. Customers know the exact number of portions in a pound of meat even before the meat is purchased. Cost control on every seating.
  • THERE IS NO WASTE – Every ounce of beef bought can be served. No trimming or boning by the restaurant is necessary.
  • UNIFORM COOKING TIME – All cuts on an order of beef are the exact same size, shape and weight, which means they all require the same cooking time. This eliminates the chance of some cuts being overdone while others are undercooked.
  • LITTLE IF ANY LABOUR – Only the cooking job remains to be done. Pre-breaded cuts are also available.
  • NO NEED FOR SKILLED PERSONNEL – Highly skilled Albion meat cutters prepare the portion-ready products so the chef doesn’t have to.
  • NO DISGRUNTLED CUSTOMERS – All portions are all the same size, shape, and dimensions.
  • EASIER SANITATION MAINTENANCE – No mess from cutting.
  • NO LEFTOVERS – Portion-ready cuts can be taken right from the refrigerator, as demand requires.
  • LESS EQUIPMENT TO SERVE MEALS – No preparation prior to cooking is necessary.
  • UNIFORM QUALITY – Strictly maintained by purveyors you can trust.
  • LESS INVENTORY – This means less investment in unused beef and waste.
  • NO NEED TO BE “OUT” OF A PARTICULAR MEAT ORDER – A supply of portion-ready beef on-hand means there is a serving instantly available any hour.
  • LOSS DUE TO PILFERAGE CAN BE ELIMINATED – The inventory can be entrusted to one person and responsibility fixed.
  • NO LOSS DUE TO SPOILAGE – Portion ready means the correct amount is served every time.
  • STANDARDIZED PORTION CONTROL – Means a restaurateur is able to run several units and maintain quality control.
  • CREATING VALUE-ADDED AND ENHANCED PLATE PRESENTATIONS – Kitchen staff can concentrate on enhancing beef dishes and they will have more time to devote to other areas of the operation.
  • SMALL CASE SIZES – Feature several beef items at a low inventory cost.

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