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Albion Farms and Fisheries carry a variety of veal. A selection of milk-fed veal can be purchased fresh or frozen, which ever application best suits your needs.

The following veal items are currently available:

  • Veal Top Round
  • Veal Eye of Round
  • Veal Bottom Round
  • Veal Breast
  • Veal Short Loin
  • Veal Rack

  • Veal Shoulder Clod
  • Veal Tenderloin
  • Veal Striploin
  • Veal Diced
  • Veal Steakette
  • Veal Ossobucco

  • Veal Chop
  • Veal Scaloppini
  • Veal Cutlet
  • Veal Hind Shank
  • Veal Bones

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