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Helping you succeed with seafood! It is more than a motto; it is a core commitment that we live every day. How does this happen? The Albion Farms and Fisheries commitment to superior quality begins with dedicated and hardworking employees. From purchasers to delivery drivers and everyone in between, Albion uses their extensive experience to deliver the highest quality seafood products and best service to you. This focus on the customer’s needs has helped Albion Farms and Fisheries expand to four strategic locations becoming the largest seafood distributor in Western Canada. Given the unwavering commitment to excellence, customers have chosen Albion Farms and Fisheries as their primary source for seafood. Many of the highest profile restaurants and retailers are all part of Albion Farms and Fisheries’ most loyal and dedicated clients.

Broad Range of Seafood

The Albion Farms and Fisheries industry-leading ‘Closer to the Source’ division, sources direct from the Albion Farms and Fisheries dedicated fleet of fishing boats in the Pacific Northwest. It also flies in daily international air shipments to the Albion Farms and Fisheries distribution centers. The purchasing team also searches the globe for the best quality, competitively priced product in the world. Offering over 3,500 fresh, frozen and live products, Albion Farms and Fisheries is committed to being at the leading edge of the seafood industry, and as true seafood specialists, Albion buyers are excited to find and introduce new, innovative and sustainable products.

Albion Farms and Fisheries Brands

Our team travels the world to bring the best to your table or display case. Albion Farms and Fisheries Bayside® and Calypso® branded products have been carefully chosen to provide seafood selections that offer consistently high quality, great value and outstanding food safety. Significantly, Albion Farms and Fisheries’ brands further distinguish themselves and deliver more of what customers want by focusing on natural and chemical-free products. From the fishing grounds to the products; by controlling what goes in to the Albion brands, customers are ensured that what they are serving or selling is wholesome and healthy. You can depend on Albion Farms and Fisheries.

In addition to the Bayside® and Calypso® lines, our team works with restaurateurs and retailers to create exclusive, custom branded products to meet their specific needs. Whether it is one of the Albion Farms and Fisheries brands or your custom brand, look to Albion Farms and Fisheries to help create value in your seafood line.

From Our Family to Your Table