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Q and A


If you have any additional questions or concerns about Albion Farms and Fisheries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why did the name change?

By combining our product offerings, a new identity was born. Over the years, both companies have exemplified superior sustainability, taste, and quality assurance practices and upon reflection we determined that the name Albion Farms and Fisheries reflects our vision of offering increased value to customers with our one-truck delivery of superior quality meat and seafood.

What are the operational changes?

ICP meat production will continue to operate out of the existing ICP Vancouver facility. The Albion Vancouver facility will include fish processing and distribution. Our Sales team will also operate from this facility.

What is the structure of the strategic alignment?

The re-branded company will operate under one Albion Farms and Fisheries leadership team, out of the existing Vancouver locations. ICP meat production will continue to operate out of the existing ICP Vancouver facility. The Albion Vancouver facility will include fish processing and distribution. Our sales team will also operate from this facility.

In Alberta, the Albion facility in Calgary and ICP facility in Edmonton strategically aligned on October 31st, 2016.

The remaining Albion Fisheries Ltd. facilities in Victoria, B.C. and Haida Gwaii, B.C. will keep their current name. The remaining ICP facilities in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec will continue to operate as ICP and with the same organizational structure at this time.

What are the benefits or advantages of this strategic alignment?

The strategic alignment is an opportunity to grow our business and enhance the value we provide to our customers while operating as efficiently as possible.

What is the timeline-when will Albion Farms and Fisheries begin to operate?

The changes are effective May 29, 2016. At that time, ICP and Albion will begin to operate as one under a new name.

Will there be a relocation?

The strategic alignment will result in a move to a different location for some employees, specifically ICP Vancouver Sales employees. The two Vancouver facilities of ICP and Albion will operate under the name Albion Farms and Fisheries. The Edmonton and Calgary facilities will also be consolidating under one roof.

Why did these two companies come together?

We are doing this after very careful consideration, and after realizing that there are some amazing efficiency and growth opportunities by combining our product offering.

Is it safe to process meat and seafood together in one facility?

Meat and seafood will not be processed together in one facility. Meat production will continue from the existing ICP Vancouver facility, and seafood will be processed from the Albion Vancouver facility. Distribution of both meat and seafood will originate from the current Albion facility. The new integrated distribution process will increase value to our customers by creating a one-truck delivery of quality meat and seafood.

How will the strategic alignment affect the industry?

The strategic alignment will position Albion Farms and Fisheries as one of Western Canada’s largest fully integrated suppliers of meat and seafood. Albion Farms and Fisheries will proudly continue to deliver to the marketplace a variety of the centre of the plate offerings and outstanding service that our customers have come to know and trust.

How does the strategic alignment affect the customer?

The creation of Albion Farms and Fisheries will improve efficiencies in a number of areas, resulting in greater added value for our customers. These include less product handling, one­-truck delivery to customers of superior meat and seafood, greater quality assurance across a larger product line, a consistent supply, and a commitment to sustainability.

What will change for the ordering process?

Our sales teams will begin working together. We have created a fully integrated training program that will give every member of our sales team the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully sell both fish and meat products. Sales Managers will be meeting with their teams in the coming days to discuss the upcoming changes in more detail and how this will affect our customers.

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